Welcome to the Village of Alma

Our village is located on the Bay of Fundy and is the gateway to Fundy National Park.

Lobster and scallop fishing, and tourism are integral to our local economy, and while we’re a small community, each year we welcome travellers from around the world.

Come for hiking, kayaking, and golf, or fine seafood, sticky buns and beer from our craft brewery. Or simply hang out on the beach and watch the fishing boats at our wharf.

And whether you like the comfort of B&B and hotel accommodation, or want the adventure of tenting or winter camping, we have you covered!






Alma Community Tourism

We are a not for profit corporation with a mandate to: 

  • Promote the unique attractions and businesses of Alma, New Brunswick, to increase tourism and local patronage.
  • Support local businesses through marketing initiatives, events and festivals, and resources to enhance their visibility and success.
  • Organize community events and festivals that showcase the cultural and natural heritage of Alma, attracting visitors and fostering community pride.
  • Facilitate partnerships and collaborations among local businesses to create a cohesive and supportive business environment.
  • Provide information and assistance to tourists and visitors, ensuring they have access to all the unique experiences and services Alma has to offer. 
  • Engage in sustainable practices that preserve the natural beauty of Alma while promoting economic growth and tourism.

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